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One of the more popular design choices for modern interiors are Zig Zag stairs. Fit for both commercial and residential purposes, they are often found in tall buildings. Their main characteristic is a zig-zag line with the tread and the riser continuous throughout the whole structure. The construction system makes for a very sturdy staircase, capable of holding many kilograms of weight. They are also quite eye-catching, often being perceived as a focal point of the room.

Zig Zag stairs – modern design for modern interiors

You can choose a number of materials for stairs with a folded pattern. However, for house application, the one that our clients reach for most often is wood. One of the reasons being that a zig zag line helps showcase the beauty of the craftsmanship. It is even more impressive-looking when you take into consideration the floating-like quality of the whole construction. Appearance-wise, these are one of the most stunning pieces you can implement in the building of your choosing.

Zig Zag staircases are very safe for children, thanks to the closed riser system. That is why they are used in so many commercial applications. Perfect for houses with large families too. The designs vary depending on the order. You can choose a more classic arrangement, as well as modern outlines. Whichever one you pick, the result will always be impressive. We recommend matching your interior design of your house or a commercially-run building.

When choosing an option with a zig zag line going throughout the construction, one cannot go wrong. It’s modern and snazzy, but also elegant and timeless. The perfect combination of functionality and style. They are safe for children and house pets. If you like the design of a folded pattern, you won’t be disappointed by the end result. It’s a stunning addition to any building that fits well with any and all interior varieties. Feel free to chime in with your ideas about the actual end product and its outline. For more info, book an appointment or call us.

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