Stairs with closed stringers.

prices start from £ 3.500,00

Designed to ‘house in’ or hide the edges of the steps, which are contained between two stringer boards. Our standard stringers are 42 mm thick.

Cut stringer stairs.

prices start from £ 4.000,00

Cut stringer staircases are manufactured by cutting the stringers in the way that the treads sit on top of the stringer and the spindles sit on top of the treads.

Spiral stairs.

Prices start from £ 5.000,00

Spiral staircase may complement both modern and traditional decor. The modular construction can be made in diameters ranging from as little as 1 meter to 2.4 meters. From timber and glass combinations to powder-coated steel and laser-cut finishes, the end design is only limited by your imagination.

Central stringer stairs.

Prices start from £ 7.000,00

These stairs have heavy-duty center beam that makes the stair capable of going up nearly any height.

The central stringer can be made from steel or from wood.

Zig Zag stairs.

prices start from £ 8.000,00

The shape of the stairs is following a zig-zag line with the tread and the riser continuous from start to exit. During the last years self-supporting stair designs like the zig-zag stairs became more and more popular and there are many variations of this design available.

Cantilevered stairs. Floating stairs.

prices start from £ 9.000,00

It’s the ultimate statement staircase with treads that appear to float in mid-air. Cantilevered stairs are often referred to as floating stairs. Perhaps more than any other staircase design, it is the cantilevered staircase that really stands out as something special, creating the illusion of floating, unsupported and weightless treads. A cantilevered staircase certainly has the wow-factor and also adds an element of intrigue around how and what is holding it up. A true cantilevered staircase is a design where each tread is fixed only at one end. The supporting structure is hidden within each tread and behind the face of the wall. There are no supports between the treads.

Helical stairs. Curved stairs.

prices start from £ 13.000,00

A curved staircase, often referred to as a helical staircase leads users upstairs in a graceful flowing arc. Unlike spiral staircases, a curved staircase doesn’t require a fixed central column and frequently features two rolled stringers with treads attached between them. Due to the flexibility associated with curved stair design, this option is found in a variety of settings, from large commercial office spaces to private residences.

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