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Spiral stairs

Spiral stairs – the ultimate choice for those striving for maximum style points. This classy décor option is often the talking point of the house, with the flashy swirl being the centre of it all. For this reason, they are a perfect fit for both modern and traditional interior designs, complementing them both equally well. Being the iconic stairs of many famous houses in movies and TV series, they can add a unique, timeless charm to any place they are implemented in.

Spiral stairs – classic, but with a modern twist

Spiral stairs leave much detail for you to decide on, making them surprisingly customisable. This modular construction can range from 1 to 2.4 meters in diameter, as well as allow for a vast choice of materials that can be used in their creation (popular options being timber, glass and powder-coated steel). This makes is possible for you to come up with your very own unique design, if you choose to do so. Alternatively, you can let us decide, and we’ll make sure that the end product matches your place extremely well.

Another benefit of choosing the spiral stairs is the fact that they don’t take up much of the space, allowing for a room to feel more “spacey”. It’s an ideal décor option for small houses (at least horizontally) and big apartments alike, taking full advantage of the iconic swirl design these stairs are known for. Depending of the materials chosen, they can be quite economical, being a reasonable option when it comes to cost-efficiency.

If you’re looking for a great, timeless piece to tie the design of your place together, you won’t find a better addition than this spiral construction. With the relatively low cost and the high customisation options, this is a popular choice among our Clients. What makes them even better is the fact that they are present in a lot of classic movies and TV series, evoking nostalgia and a sense of grandeur few other can. Feel free to contact us if any questions arise, or you want to talk details about getting a set of this timeless décor piece.

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