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Staircases and LED lighting

Have you ever considered adding low level LED lighting to your staircase? Stair lighting not only will provide a safety function, like preventing you from the dangers of missing steps in the dark but will also add wow-effect and a new ambience to the overall view. LED technology provides optimal brightness levels, with a longer life span than other types of light sources. Its great advantage is high energy savings, the ease of assembly and a wide offer of design possibilities. Additionally, there’re plenty of different control technologies available that can allow you to change the colour or the brightness of the LED light.

Glare control will help you set appropriate brightness levels for different times of the day and also create a dramatic lighting impression that will simply transform the atmosphere in your house.

Add a colour changing option using an RGB LED strip and explore a multitude of colours that will be an element of entertainment to your staircase lighting scheme.

You can also install a motion sensor that will detect movement and turn on all the lights only when needed, so basically at the time when climbing or descending. As a result, you can save electricity by using a small amount of it. When choosing the type of lighting, you have to consider two issues: what kind of look do you want your stairway to have and which area you want to be illuminated?

Your decision can be easier if you will follow certain guidelines:

  • Determine how much light you want in the room. You have to consider what kind of final effect you want to achieve, depending on the distance between every light you can achieve softer or stronger ambient lighting. Remember to balance your choice so you won’t have too bright or too dark surroundings. The best option is to use the already mentioned controlling system that can adjust the brightness up to your preferences. Choose between linear and spot LED light.

  • Mix the lighting Another key element to achieve the desired effect is to consider placing ambient lights to only put delicate glow and some extra lights in places that you want to expose.

Creative ways to light your stairs:

  • Tread lighting In this case, the LED strips can be assembled under treads to throw down the light onto the steps and create a soft floating effect. Depending on the desired effect you can install a light source on every tread or every 3 treads etc.

  • Handrail lighting The LED technology integrated into handrails makes your staircase safe and adds a unique style and ambience to its surrounding. The LED strip can be completely hidden and placed in any shape of the handrail. It won’t become too hot to touch. You can choose from warm, cold to any RGB light colour variant.

  • Stringer lighting When you want your staircase to lead your way step by step up to another level, choose the installation of LED strips on its stringer. It’s an easy way to ultimate dramatic effect.

  • Wall-mounted step lighting Lights inserted into the wall can also create a luminous patch between two floors. Keep in mind that it should not cause unwanted glares while going up or down the stairs.

So there you have plenty of examples for adding light to your stairs.

Intelligent lighting brings much more benefits besides appearances. What is most important, it does not have to be associated with a major renovation or a huge expense.

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