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One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a staircase is the type of material. There is a multitude of choices and combinations, each comes with some pros and cons. The most traditional staircase constructions are made of timber. Wood is being identified as a key constituent in a group of materials used in the architectural industry.


Hardwood stairs can increase the graciousness of your home. There are countless design options to achieve either a contemporary or traditional look. Ranging in price to fit any budget. Type of wood and its colour can be matched to any décor.


Staircases with glass parts are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look to update their properties and create a feeling of light and space. We can combine glass with wood or metal in all sorts of different sizes and configurations. We offer a range of toughened glass,laminated structural glass and curved glass.


Steel stairs give your room elegance, modernity and lightness. Especially when combined with wood, which provides a pleasant ambience, down-to-earthness and warmth. Steel is used where strength and exquisite shapes are required.

The most popular woods used for stairs

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