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Glass staircases and staircases with glass parts.

Glass staircases are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as homeowners look to update their properties and create a feeling of light and space. We can combine glass with wood or metal in all sorts of different sizes and configurations.

Steel stairs.

Steel stairs give your room elegance, modernity and lightness. Especially when combined with wood the stainless steel stair is an elegant access. The wood provides a pleasant ambience, down to earthness and warmth. The stainless steel enhances the wooden stair and lends it lightness and grace.

Wooden stairs.

Hardwood stairs can increase the graciousness of your home. Ranging in price to fit any budget, wood and its colours can be matched to any décor. 

The most popular woods used for stairs.

• European oak- hard, strong, open-grained, but not as pronounced as red oak. It resists shrinking and warping, has a golden colour, and finishes well.

• Beech- stronger than oak or maple, beech is typically a reddish-brown wood that is fairly straight grained.

• Ash- quite strong, ash is grayish-brown in color and grows all over Europe. 

• Red oak- hard, strong, rigid with a pronounced open grain, red oak resists warping. Its reddish colour finishes well but is moderately hard to cut.

• Walnut- hard, heavy, extra strong with a fairly pronounced, straight grain, walnut resists warping and shrinking. It is light to dark brown in colour and finishes well. Luxury Hardwood. 

• Mahogany- durable and fine-grained, mahogany resists shrinking, warping, and swelling. It finishes well and is easy to cut. 

• Birch- hard, strong and fine-grained, birch resists shrinking and warping. It is similar in colour to maple and finishes fairly well.

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