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Designs - 3D Models

Interested in a specific type of staircase? Or do you simply want to get to know the products we offer and learn about their cost? Here (by clicking on the picture of the stairs below) you will land at nearly two thousand of the designs we've done at Vonka during the last 3 years. If any of them will be of a particular interest you may ask us on the cost of this by sending an online enquiry by e-mail or by the formular in the contact section of our web site.

Our offer includes many traditional types of stairs, as well as more modern ones. We can create a mansion-like construction, as well as a very minimalistic solution – it all depends on the interior of the space, the budget and the taste of our clients.

By the nature of what we are doing we are classified as High End company doing the high quality stuff. We avoid using mdf, softwood, and other cheap materials for the primary reason which is the quatlity of the final product. There are generally 3 categories of the prices where all our stairs fall in:

No 1 Category with the prices between £8.000,00 and £12.000,00 - traditional hard wood (mostly oak) stairs with full-, closed- or cut stringers, oak steps & risers, oak or metal balusters, oak handrails etc. The stairs may be straight or winded.

No 2 Category with the prices between £12.000,00 and £20.000,00- cantilevered, floating, zigzag, central steel stringer, spiral with iron work or glass balustrades, steel stringer stairs (zigzag steel stringer stairs), special victorian stairs and many others.

No 3 Category with the prices between £20.000,00 - to with whatever the customer's imagination and requirements may end up.

All the prices given to you are generally including survey/s, design/s, fabrication, delivery and installation but are excluding the VAT. The VAT for the new builds is zero rated. In most of the other cases it's 20%

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