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Cut stringer stairs

One of the most popular types of house additions are cut stringer stairs. They are highly requested by our Clients, and not without a reason – these steps make for an excellent decoration, fit for any modern building. Their elegant presentation is achieved by cutting the stringers in a specific way, so that the treads are positioned on top of the stringer. This, in turn, makes it possible for the spindles to sit on top of the treads, making for an up-to-date, minimalistic presentation.

Cut stringer stairs – elegant presentation meets reliable practicality


Cut stringer stairs are unique in their ability to dazzle your guests with an outstanding, timeless visual display and, at the same time, be very safe to use. It’s a delicate balancing act that these steps are performing without a hitch. The stringers are relatively wide, which makes it very easy to set foot on them. This alone can prove to be a great help for people of older age and little children, both of which benefit from being on a sure footing.

The modern presentation that cut stringer steps provide is a great addition for many of the houses – no matter how old are they. Implementing them instead of other options can prove beneficial for the overall aesthetic of your home without losing that cosy, familiar feeling. If you strive for a balance of the traditional design of old and a more modern, minimalistic approach, give these steps a chance.

Compared to their helical or centilevered counterparts, these stairs provide a reasonably priced product that, although not as modern in its design, will prove to be a great addition for many houses with interior following the rules of minimalistic design. They are perfectly safe for older people and little children to use, pets should not have any problems running up or down as well. Be sure to check all of the options available – we provide a plethora of materials, colours and tweaks to choose from, so you can construct the stairs that will fit perfectly into your ideal vision.

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