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Central stringer stairs

Central stringer stairs are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential applications. Their design differs from that of the traditional staircase, having a single centre beam as a support structure. For that reason, it is impossible to build them using weaker materials – high-quality wood, metal or stone is required. This ensures that the whole construction is sturdy and will not crumble under even the most considerable weight.

Central stringer stairs – An inventive and safe design

Heavy-duty beam that supports the structure in question opens up an array of possibilities, both construction and design wise. With the thin steel stringer, one can build almost ethereal-looking staircase that goes well with any minimalistic modern aesthetic. Great addition to houses, restaurants and offices, it doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to building the exact atmosphere you’re going for.

Wooden beams are also an exceptional choice. Although they are usually a bit thicker compared to their metal counterparts, they have a more traditional look to them. A great fit for any house, restaurant or office that aims more towards that timeless design. The wood that we use in our workshop is extremely sturdy and durable, so there is no need for concern when it comes to safety – the final construction is not easily crushed. Not to mention, it’s stunningly beautiful.

The use of a stringer as a support structure enables the stairs to go up nearly any height, making them ideal for tall buildings. They are also very cost efficient. When compared to other options, their price tag is in the middle of road, which is quite a steal when it comes to modern-looking design choices. You can choose for them to be straight throughout their height or have them turn the direction you want at any point. The sides are made of glass, which only adds to the minimalist nature of the product. Be sure to check our work and contact us if any questions about our craft or possible future project need answering.

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